At least 80 people are said to have been executed in North Korea in a series of simultaneous public slaughters in seven different cities on November 3, according to a South Korean newspaper.

The report in the JoongAng Daily cites a single unnamed source whose claims have been backed by one group representing North Korean defectors.

Authorities reportedly machine-gunned eight bound and hooded prisoners in front of a crowd of 10,000 in a 30,000-capacity sports stadium in the port city of Wonsan. The bodies were so badly show up they were hard to identify afterwards, according to the source.

The source believes their crimes mainly involved watching South Korean videos, being in possession of bibles and of distributing pornography.

In September, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that nine members of the Unhasu Orchestra were executed for making sextapes and then selling them.

One representative of a defector group told news agency AFP that “the regime is obviously afraid of potential changes in people's mindsets and is pre-emptively trying to scare people off.”