Sex tape: Football star Kenny Britt puts ‘adult vid’ on Instagram
St. Louis Rams’ Kenny Britt is in hot water after a 10 second Instagram video showing someone having sex with someone else was posted on his Instagram account.

What the Foul?

St. Louis Rams’ player Kenny Britt may not quite understand how Instagram works. For the record, when you post a picture or a video on Instagram, it’s available for the whole world to see!

Kenny Britt does not lead a dull life. In 2011 he was arrested on felony charges after a police chase. The charges were later reduced cuz, you know, he’s a pro athlete!

In 2012, Britt allegedly tried to hide evidence he was smoking weed wrapped up in a cigar, and the ensuing argument with cops got Britt arrested for resisting arrest.

Half a dozen run-ins with the law haven’t sat well with Britt’s boss, who offered Britt a one-year conditional contract in March.

So what does Britt do when he’s already on thin ice? --Make a sex tape of course!

Did a shadowy hacker hack Britt’s Instagram account? If so, why did they post such a boring sex tape?

The more likely explanation is that yep, it’s Britt. But if the woman in this 10 second porn performance isn’t Britt wife, though...he’s gonna have some extra explaining to do.
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