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The Verrückt in Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Water Park is expected to be the tallest, fastest, steepest and probably the scariest waterslide in the world. Riders drop from about 17 storeys up, and after plunging almost 90 degrees down a slope, they are then propelled up a five storey camelback hill using Schlitterbahn's Master Blaster system before racing down the other side and hitting a straight before eventually cruising to a halt.

Verrückt, means ‘insane’ in German, and the ride certainly lives up to it. Thrill-seekers will begin by climbing 264 steps to reach the top where they will wait on a deck made from railroad tanker cars. Along with three friends or strangers, they will be seated in a four-person inflatable raft and set loose.

Designed by Jeff Henry who co-owns the theme park, the slide tower is built from railroad tanker cars that have been cut and welded into a single vertical tower. It is fitted with bright lights that illuminate it as the thrill-seekers come down. Jeff is also responsible for designing the special conveyer system that transports the rafts back to the top.

Verrückt is currently undergoing extensive testing so that it is completely safe for those brave or crazy enough to ride it when it opens this Memorial Day Weekend!